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The New Way to 340B

The only vendor-agnostic solution continuously monitoring your 340B program to ensure savings and compliance



We began providing 340B consulting services to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and other covered entities in 2017, helping them to collect, normalize, and understand their 340B programs through deep data analysis.



Working alongside covered entities managing 340B programs, one thing became abundantly clear to our team: the 340B program is complex, confusing, and burdensome.



Our experience led us on a quest to build the industry’s first vendor-neutral platform designed to provide automated, continuous, and action-oriented 340B program analysis.

The Louvir Platform

Louvir continuously ingests and streamlines 340B and EHR data across your entire network, providing a real-time 360 degree view of your program.


The Louvir Platform

Louvir does the work of highly trained analysts while eliminating human error.  Best practices, compliance requirements, and industry intelligence for maximizing return are programmed in and the web-based algorithms are updated as new practices emerge.

With Louvir, your team will have immediate insights and analytics extracted from dozens of data sets and millions of data points making up your 340B program, including;

Electronic Health Record

Contract Pharmacies

Entity specific site and provider-level data

Third Party Administrators

Wholesaler and Purchase data

HRSA and OPAIS data

Our partners power Louvir so we can power you

Managing a successful and compliant 340B program requires partners. Our partners are your partners, augmenting the value of our product through their expertise. If you already have partners who are instrumental in the care you provide and management of your 340B program – consultants, auditors, referral companies, specialty pharmacies, lab or diagnostic testing vendors – we can integrate them into the Louvir platform, customized for your specific needs. We are honored to be partnered with organizations striving to improve access and quality of care for underserved patients.

Is your organization on a mission to improve care ?

We are always looking for partners who can leverage our agnostic platform to improve care for their clients.