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Introducing Louvir Link:

Maximizing the value of your entity-owned pharmacy.

On average, moving just 9 prescriptions will cover the lifetime cost of Louvir.

Your Entity-Owned Pharmacy, Simplified

Louvir Link streamlines the management of your entity-owned pharmacy by providing access, insights, and infrastructure to convert patients to your entity-owned pharmacy.

Protect Your Program

Louvir Link empowers your entity to take back control of your 340B Program. Mitigate manufacturer restrictions, reduce waste, and eliminate unnecessary fees, all while improving the experience and care you provide for your patients.

Patient Engagement

Louvir Link increases patient utilization of your entity-owned-pharmacy through high-touch, data-driven engagement, including Rx delivery, prescription refills, and medication reminders.

Team Collaboration

Maximize entity-owned pharmacy pull-through and patient care initiatives via improved visibility, communication, and data access at your entity and across your full care team, including providers, pharmacists, and your patients.

End-to-End Insights

Bringing transparency and actionable insights to the entire patient journey from encounter to Rx to fill.

The Full Louvir Platform


Louvir continuously ingests and streamlines 340B and EHR data across your entire network, providing a real-time 360 degree view of your program. With Louvir, your team will have immediate insights and analytics extracted from dozens of data sets and millions of data points making up your 340B program, including;

Electronic Health Record

Contract Pharmacies

Third Party Administrators

Wholesaler and Purchase data

Entity specific site & provider-level data

HRSA and OPAIS data

Louvir does the work of highly trained analysts while eliminating human error.

Monthly consultations with our team of industry experts provide the insights needed to stay compliant, maximize savings, and stay on top of best practices.

Louvir Client Success Stories

"Louvir has been the ideal solution to help manage the financial, data, and patient access components of our large and complex 340B program. The audit functionality in particular has been a game changer to manage program compliance through automated and streamlined tools."

Anthony Armstrong, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Howard Brown Health

"I've been using Louvir for some time now, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! The Louvir team's dedication and support have played a pivotal role in enhancing our 340B program's efficiency. The capabilities are impressive, streamlining processes that used to take up a significant portion of my day. Now, I can accomplish these tasks in a fraction of the time, which has been a game-changer for my workflow and our complinace. The analytic features have not only saved me time but also allowed me to focus on expanding our 340B program. This growth would not have been possible without the exceptional support provided by Louvir and their team. I am 100% satisfied with my experience and highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their 340B program"


Jessica Claudio MBA, Director of Health Programs & Risk Management, Asian Human Services Family Health Center

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